Richard Lehmann, President of Income Securities Advisor

Founder and President of Income Securities Advisors, Inc.

Mr. Lehmann founded the Bond Investors Association (BIA) in 1983 as an information organization for individual bondholders. ISA is the successor to BIA. He is currently a regular columnist on fixed income investing with Forbes Magazine.

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09/20/2011 Illinois Leads A+ Debt Poised to Rally on Widening Yield Gap: Muni Credit

It's an ongoing concern for many people: where can you put your money and get a descent return? Municipal bonds rated A+, four levels below the highest grade, are yielding the most...

09/11/2011 Whitney-Refuting Rally Signaled by Lagging Yields: Muni Credit

Investors are buying municipal-bond mutual funds at the fastest pace since November, signaling tax- exempt securities...

05/18/2011  'Waterfall' of muni downgrades will trigger rapid sell-off: Whitney

There will be a "waterfall" of credit-rating cuts in the $2.93 trillion municipal debt market as rating companies scrutinize...