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By Richard Lehmann

Fixed-Income ETF For Income And Gains

This fund kicks out a decent yield, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some decent capital appreciation down the road.

Dumping Debt On The Next Generation Is Fine

It's good demagoguery but bad economics to curse the practice of saddling future generations with debt. By now we should be used to it.

Beware The Carry Trade Collapse

When interest rates rise, don't be surprised how low markets can go.

Unintended Consequences

A likely outcome of all the bailouts is a recurrence of inflation. Position yourself for it with converts, commodities and adjustable-rate preferreds.

Shelter From The Fed's Storm

Inflation and interest rates will both be on the rise this year. Move to higher ground and take cover in a diversified fixed-income portfolio.

Richard Lehmann On Fixed Income

Inflation is definitely coming but it's more than a year away, so bonds are OK for now. Your best bets are gold and stock in the new GM.

Income Opportunities

You can get substantial income from a diversified portfolio while still protecting yourself from inflation.

Pipelines To Profit

For a high yield and a low tax bill, look for energy companies trading as partnership units.