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Meet Richard Lehmann, author, Forbes columnist and the #1 quoted source on bonds, preferreds and convertible. When you subscribe to his newsletter, the Forbes/Lehmann Income Securities Investor, he will show you how to invest for income while taking less risk.

  • Though the S&P returned a healthy 12.83% in 2010, his Medium and High Risk portfolios still beat the market handily. Each portfolio nearly doubled the S&P, with returns of 24.66% and 25.64% respectively.

  • Over the last 10 years, the ISI Model Portfolio's have consistently outperformed the stock market. A $1 invested in our Medium Risk Portfolio would be worth $1.61 at year-end 2010. A $1 invested in the S&P 500 over the same period would be worth only $0.99.

  • The newsletter offers four model portfolios to get started. Last year portfolio's return: Low-Risk returned 14.20%, Medium-Risk was 24.66%, the High-Risk was 25.64% and our Multi-Driver returned 15.23%.

What is evident from this superior performance is that income investing is not only a lower risk approach, it is also a higher return strategy. This is good news for the millions of boomers preparing for retirement, but still needing to grow their nest eggs.

For today's uncertain times, Richard has developed an investment strategy which recognizes that few investment certainties remain. His book, Income Investing Today develops a strategy for dealing with the market conditions we are likely to face in the coming years. This strategy is used and continually adjusted in his monthly newsletter to reflect the fast changing market conditions. Subscribe for two years and get a free copy of Richard Lehmann's Income Investing Today: Safety and High Income through Diversification" with a foreward by Steve Forbes.

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